Saturday, July 10, 2010

The curator Steve Jobs and the App store

Just watched the D8 thing (Walt Mossberg and Jobs)
Apple is being accused of being a 'curator' by vetting the application in the app store.
Unfortunately Steve did not do a real good job of explaining the alternative. He mentioned CSS, HTML 5, Java script. He should have wrapped up the point by explaining what a 'web app' can look and feel like on the iPhone / iPad.

My company, Powerbits, is currently developing commercial line of business apps for the iPad / iPhone.
Using CSS, HTML 5, Javascript, Ajax et al and the special Safari - webkit extensions, we can build apps that look and feel completely like native apps. We use fairly simple web authoring tools, like the old Dreamweaver 4.0, and others to do this. We use Safari's 'developer' menu to test and fine tune. We aren't required to use a platform SDK. We use the open jquery, jqtouch libraries to get moving. Webkit and mobile safari provide special meta tags that integrate the web 'page' into a virtual native app.

The people who cry about Apple being a curator are clueless.
You don't need the app store to get really good apps to the platform.

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