Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kasreyn of the Gyre

Whilst Apple products may be known for solid definition, purpose and style, it appears this also applies to their iTunes Terms of Service.

Should you be unfortunate enough to lose a content file, you're on your own. You must purchase it again. There is no regard for the circumstances of the loss, even when caused by a failure of Apple software.


If you attempt to create perfection with magic, you will fail. You must introduce the slightest flaw, an imperfection, into your creation. Apple is fond of describing their products as 'magical' and they have indeed learned Kasreyn's lesson. The flaw introduced into the popular iTunes is a punitive and petty clause in the terms of Service as described above.

If you regard the Apple logo it is apparent that someone else gets first bite, the Apple handed you is not perfect, and neither is the Terms of Service.

No doubt Snow-White could impart a lesson or two about talking the first bite - unless you make the magic apple.

Still, nothing's perfect, as they say...

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