Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grandpa's iPod

Do you listen to podcasts?

I am a sometime addict for Leo La Porte or Dr. Karl.

Now the odd thing is, when I mention this to some older people, even those that have the skills and computer or iPod to listen, many indicate that sitting around or otherwise listening to a 'podcast' is too modern. A pasttime for the younger set.

Huh? What is the difference between listening to a 'wireless' show on the ol' Zenith in yon olden days and the current podcasts-really?

One advantage is that you can listen to the podcast at anytime, provided it is still on the server. The old radio shows started at a point in time - miss it and it was gone. Now whilst I personally never sat around the wireless (radio) listening to a weekly show, or president Roosevelt giving a fireside chat, I have heard of it. I have even seen it on old news-reels and movies. I would have thought the oldies would love it! Has TV really eaten away the notion of listening to a 'show'?

And what about audio books? I think they are great, or at least the idea. I mean that has to be even closer to the radio show serial. The only problem with audio books is the complete catalog is not always available due to distribution rights in some countries. (mine for instance)

Zune sounds more like a grandad word than iPod don't you think?


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