Thursday, August 6, 2009

Patient Survives

The old girl survived the quad cap bypass and reassembly. No smoke is always a good sign. The soldering on the previous repairs was pretty scrappy. Resin and splash and scratches everywhere. I was wondering how I would go. I used solder wick to clean the joint. The bad caps almost pulled straight out and my resoldered joint look OEM.

Notice the B-1.1 rev level, the 1s are not very bright at this end of the tube. I can just make out the Cathode so I guess increasing the filament drive is risky. It may be that the grid voltages for these last cells are low but my guess is these things may have a 'hot' end of the cathode, and if so, it has beaten up those phosphor segments.

Remarkably the 16-SY-03Z VFD can still be sourced.

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